Paw Wax!

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Our easy to apply all natural wax based salve protects precious paws from harsh conditions. Paw Wax helps to guard against sand, hot pavement, snow, mud, ice and salt when applied to pads and between toes. Soaks in quickly to form a semi-permeable shield. Our Non-toxic, non-staining formula can be used daily or as needed to prevent abrasions, burning, drying and cracking. Perfect for hunting, mushing, walking or any outdoor activity. Paw wax can also be gently applied to cracked or broken skin on your pet’s nose or elbows to help heal irritated skin. Each tin contains 2 oz. of Paw Wax.

Directions: Apply to your dog’s paws before going out, at least once a day.  Be sure to rub it between the pads to prevent ice and snow build-up. If your dog has cracked or broken skin, apply twice daily to encourage rapid healing.

Ingredients: Bees Wax, Avocado Oil (Contains Vitamin E), Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil (Dried Calendula Flowers, Avocado Oil), Olive Oil and Shea Butter.