About Us

     Gypsy Lee Gifts is a small family owned and operated home decor and gift shop founded by Raelyn McCarthy. We are located in the city of Albany Oregon, within the Willamette Valley. We quickly got our start at trade shows and local bazaars in 2013 under our former name "Lavender Moon Gifts" and are now rapidly moving into our fourth year in business. We are very excited to anticipate the years to come, which is why we have decided to expand to an online store front as well.

     Gypsy Lee Gifts is still a new business to the online community. We have been working hard to build an efficient online store for our non-local customers to purchase our products. Our business currently offers ceramic art tiles, hand crafted glass pieces such as garden ornaments and home décor, fine art prints and Honey House Naturals skin care products. As our online shop blooms we intend to expand our products to such things as organic fair trade chocolates, soy candles, organic herbs and hanging crystals to name a few.

     If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact us at gypsyleegifts@gmail.com, or call 1-541-220-1354 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are interested in following our progress or for the most current updates, please check out our blog or like/follow us on Facebook
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